Hong Kong man struggles after wife’s multiple affairs, raising four children alone, youngest just 4

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5th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Recently, a Hong Kong man took to social media to express his grievances in a lengthy post, revealing that he discovered his wife’s infidelity six months ago. In a fit of anger, he slapped her, leading to their eventual divorce. Now, he finds himself single-handedly raising their four children, and to add to his struggles, he recently lost his job, confessing, “I really don’t know what to do.”

The Hong Kong father, who shared his story on the Facebook group “Hong Kong Infidelity and Extramarital Affairs Concern Group,” explained that he had been together with his wife for 20 years and they have four children. He claims that he had always worked hard for the family, devoting all his earnings to support them. He trusted his wife completely and never snooped through her phone, stating, “I had 100% trust in her. I gave her HK$16,000-18,000 for meals each month, and all other expenses were covered by me. I never asked her how she used the money.”

However, one night, the man noticed that his wife was sleeping with her WeChat open on her phone. To his shock, he discovered numerous provocative photos she had sent to someone else. Realizing that something was amiss, he continued scrolling through the conversations and found explicit pictures of his wife with another man, taken in a hotel room. Overwhelmed with anger, he impulsively slapped his wife.

His wife pleaded for forgiveness, claiming it was just a one-time mistake and that they had broken up. However, the man decided not to speak to her for ten days. On the eleventh day, his wife asked a female friend to inform him that she would be working late and couldn’t come home to cook dinner. Suspicious, the man secretly checked his wife’s phone again and discovered that she hadn’t gone to work but instead was meeting her lover. Enraged, he struck her again.

When his wife reported the incident to the police, the man was issued a restraining order, preventing him from returning home. During this separation, he discovered that his wife spent around HK$5,000-6,000 each month on gifts for her lover. He lamented, “I worked so hard to earn this money to support our four children, and I never expected her to do such things.” Left to care for their children alone, aged 4, 8, 11, and 14, he expressed his frustration, saying, “She treats them like dogs, feeding them whatever is available, even if it’s just instant noodles.”

As a result, the man received a 36-month probationary period, and the couple ultimately divorced. To take care of his young children, he had to resign from his job, admitting that he couldn’t withstand the financial pressure. He said, “I need HK$30,000 each month for the children, and now I don’t even have a job. It has been six months, and I feel trapped. I really don’t know what to do.”

Many netizens expressed sympathy for the man’s plight and criticized his violent actions. They also expressed concern for his mental well-being. Some offered words of comfort and suggested seeking assistance from social workers to apply for government assistance. They recommended that he consider part-time work and apply for financial aid to alleviate the immediate financial burden. The man confirmed that he had reached out to the Social Welfare Department and hoped to find a part-time job and receive assistance to address his urgent needs.