Hong Kong man confronts warning letter and seeks Labour Department assistance as resignation results in significantly reduced final pay


17th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong man shared his frustrating experience after resigning from his job. As he planned to assist with his family’s small business, he decided to tender his resignation. However, upon receiving confirmation from the company’s human resources department regarding his final pay, he discovered a significant discrepancy—a substantial portion of his rightful earnings was missing. Outraged, he voiced his concerns and requested a recalculation. To his surprise, instead of addressing the issue, he received a warning letter from the higher-ups, accusing him of displaying poor attitude and bullying colleagues. Determined to resolve the matter, the man reached out to the Labour Department and followed their guidance to calculate his entitled salary. Shockingly, the revised calculation revealed that the company had underpaid him by a staggering sixty per cent. Despite the Labour Department’s suggestion to negotiate with his employer, the man contemplated whether to file a formal complaint immediately or allow them a chance to correct the erroneous figures before resorting to legal action.

Upon submitting his resignation, the man discovered that the human resources department had confirmed a final pay amount significantly lower than expected. Consequently, he demanded a recalculation, only to be met with a warning letter from upper management. The incident was shared on the popular online forum LIHKG, under the post titled “Received a Warning Letter After Resignation.” The man explained that his decision to leave the company stemmed from his intention to assist his family’s small business. However, he was disheartened to find that the human resources department had “miscalculated [his] final pay by a substantial amount.” Despite promptly requesting a recalculation, they reported his concerns to his superior, accusing him of misconduct and exhibiting a poor attitude towards colleagues. This led the man to suspect that the company intended to find a pretext for terminating his employment without providing proper notice and severance pay.

The post quickly garnered attention, with many internet users requesting additional information and questioning whether the man had indeed miscalculated or displayed a negative attitude during his communication with the human resources department. In response, the man clarified that he had communicated with the department solely through text messages and claimed that everyone who reviewed the messages agreed that there was no issue with his conduct. He further stated, “When I asked them to recalculate and pointed out where the errors occurred, my superior immediately threatened me with a warning letter. I still don’t understand how the responsibility for the pay calculation suddenly became mine.” The man believed that his superior, the sender of the warning letter, was simply trying to protect their subordinate.

Moreover, the man revealed that the human resources department had made various deductions from his final pay. They not only incorrectly calculated his accrued vacation days but also instructed him to reimburse the company for medical expenses covered by his insurance. Initially, the man had intended to maintain a cordial relationship during his remaining days, ensuring a smooth transition for his replacement. He had even advised the human resources department to recalculate accurately as a friendly reminder. However, the unjust treatment he received prompted him to consider withholding his signature and refraining from any further discussion until he received his final pay. If the amount did not align with his calculations, he planned to escalate the matter by filing a complaint with the Labour Department.