HK man baffled over zero savings despite earning HK$80,000 combined monthly income with his wife, the couple has a baby and a FDH


29th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) A man posted an article on the Hong Kong discussion forum on his combined income with wife of HK$80,000. He mentioned that both of them have no savings as they spend all their earnings monthly. The couple has a baby and foreign domestic helper.

He pointed out that his monthly salary is HK$43,000 of which HK$15,000 is allocated for his wife’s household expenses, including the cost of hiring a foreign domestic helper, rent, water, electricity, gas, and daily necessities. The wife will use her own earnings to cover other expenses.

Meanwhile, his other expenses include allowance to his own family (parents), bank loans, etc. His own expenses are around HK$10,000, personal consumption including cigarettes, haircut and Mark Six Lottery is around HK$3,000, mobile phone bill and other miscellaneous expenses are HK$3,000 (including insurance, wifi for home, wifi and utility bills for his own parents), food expenses incurred at around HK$2,500, weekend family expenses cost around HK$5,000 (The cost includes meals, clothes and toys for baby, Disneyland, healthcare products for wife, etc). The balance are kept to pay taxes.

As for the wife’s monthly salary of HK$38,000, he said that she bought an insurance policy of HK$2,000 per month for the baby. He has never questioned how the wife spends the balance of her salary but he knows that she has not savings left at the end of every month. However, he knows that she doesn’t save because the wife has no money to pay for nursery class for their baby and he has to fork out another HK$3,000. Most nurseries charge around HK$4,000 to HK$5,000, as he cannot afford the price, he can only opt for the nurseries which charge HK$3,000 per month. He even asked netizens for recommendations.

The man then asked other netizens if his family is even healthy? Many commented that he should speak to his wife about their expenses while another netizen with a child commented that he earns HK$80,000 per month and he also has HK$40,000 left in savings after paying monthly expenses. Some commented that his wife doesn’t seem to be involved in the family as she doesn’t contribute.

Netizen shared the breakdown of his monthly expenses on internet.