Hong Kong man assaulted at Tokyo music festival over seating dispute


22nd April 2024 – (Tokyo) At Tokyo’s SACO FES music festival on 21st April, a Hong Kong citizen, who identified himself as “Reimon” on social media platform X, reported a violent altercation stemming from a seating dispute. According to Reimon, he was attacked during his attempt to secure a preferred seat at the festival, dedicated to the fan group TAKANE NO NADESHIKO.

Reimon’s post detailed how the incident unfolded as he made his way to his seat. “I was heading towards the seat I wanted at a normal pace when suddenly someone pushed me from behind, causing me to fall,” he explained. The situation escalated when another individual allegedly pinned him down and struck his face, continuing the assault until he managed to stand up, by which time the front row seats were fully occupied.

The festival staff approached him to inquire about the incident, and although Reimon requested to be seated in his original choice, he was informed that it was not possible. Following the unhelpful response from the venue staff, Reimon decided to contact the local police for assistance.

However, Reimon expressed dissatisfaction with the response from the Japanese authorities, claiming they showed a lack of initiative in handling the situation and skepticism about apprehending the assailant. As a result, he sought medical attention, revealing through his social media that the medical report confirmed bruises around his left eyelid, right cheek, and the middle of his neck, without any fractures.

The incident has sparked widespread discussion among Hong Kong netizens, with many expressing outrage and concern over the safety of Hong Kong residents attending events in Japan. The reactions ranged from disbelief at the aggression displayed to calls for increased awareness and safety measures for travelers.

The event organisers later responded on platform X, confirming the conflict and stating that the police had been notified immediately by the victim. They assured that the festival continued only after the police confirmed it was safe to proceed and pledged full cooperation with the ongoing investigation.