Hong Kong man angered after waiting 45 minutes for order at Tai Po restaurant


17th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A recent incident at a restaurant in Tai Po has sparked outrage among netizens. According to a post made by an internet user, he visited the establishment for afternoon tea and ordered a crispy pork knuckle and iced milk tea. However, despite waiting for 45 minutes, the restaurant failed to serve his meal, only bringing him a glass of iced milk tea. The frustrated customer suspected that his order had been overlooked and proceeded to remind the staff three times. Unfortunately, the restaurant staff repeatedly delayed his request, leaving him waiting. The situation took a turn when a male cashier confronted the customer and questioned whether he had even placed an order, blaming him for occupying a four-person table alone. Enraged by the accusation, the customer decided to pay for the milk tea but demanded to cancel the crispy pork knuckle order. He expressed his discontent, stating that the missing order was a minor issue and that he had not intentionally overstayed in the restaurant without food. However, he was unfairly accused of “occupying the table” and “hindering the business” by the male staff member, which further fueled his anger.

The incident was shared by the customer on two Facebook groups. In his posts, he vented his frustration towards the Tai Po branch of the tea restaurant, accusing them of neglecting his order, causing him to wait for 45 minutes and finally blaming him for “occupying the table.” He explained that he had visited the restaurant around 5.40pm with the intention of having afternoon tea before buying groceries. Seeing several empty seats, he randomly chose a four-person table and placed an order for a crispy pork knuckle and iced milk tea at 5.38pm. However, he only received his drink at 6.02pm. After waiting for an additional 10 minutes without the crispy pork knuckle being served, he decided to request assistance from a female staff member.

By this time, the customer had already spent half an hour in the restaurant, but the female staff member kept telling him to “wait for another 2 minutes” and that she would “urgently remind the kitchen.” Finally, at 6.25pm, a male cashier approached the customer and asked, “Have you placed an order?” The customer replied, confirming that he had placed an order and had been waiting for 45 minutes. Shockingly, the male cashier blamed him, saying, “You shouldn’t occupy a four-person table alone. Sit at the second smaller table!”

Infuriated by the response, the customer immediately demanded to cancel his order and questioned why he should be rushed after waiting for nine words to be served. The male cashier, unwilling to back down, promptly cleared his table, while two female staff members approached the customer to apologize. However, the customer was dissatisfied with being accused of “harming the business” and retorted, saying, “The male staff member didn’t assist me, and now he claims I’m occupying the table. Settle my bill! I won’t dine here again!” The female staff members offered not to charge him for the milk tea, but the customer insisted on paying.

In a subsequent post, the customer clarified, “The missing order is a small matter. It was the accusation of ‘hindering their business’ that angered me!” He pointed out that at the time, two other groups had arrived after him and already finished their meals and left, while he had waited for 45 minutes, going from tea time to dinner time. During this period, he had reminded the staff three times, but the crispy pork knuckle never made it to his table. In his post, the customer expressed his frustration, stating, “Do you think I enjoy sitting at your table for so long? Wasn’t it your responsibility to assist me? And now you accuse me of occupying your table?”

The online post sparked a heated discussion among netizens, with many residents of Tai Po sharing their experiences and criticising the male staff member’s bad attitude. Comments flooded in, describing the male employee’s poor behaviour, such as “The guy’s attitude is terrible. He shouldn’t speak that way to customers,” and “The male cashier, just like a delivery driver, shouldn’t speak that way to customers.” Some praised the customer for his patience, saying, “You have great patience. If it were me, I would have exploded,” and “You have such patience. I would have fought back.” Others shared their personal approach to similar situations, stating, “Usually, I would remind the staff once, and if my order still doesn’t arrive after a while, I would pay and blacklist the restaurant. There are plenty of other places to eat without enduring such treatment.”