Hong Kong Jockey Club provides masks to employees, Hospital Authority and local community, HK$73m donated to NGOs to fight the epidemic


14th February 2020 – (Hong Kong) Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, CEO of the Hong Kong Jockey Club wrote an open letter to all their staff today. In addition to expressing gratitude to all the dedicated employees, he also said that the Jockey Club has received a batch of masks. In addition to the masks that must be worn when performing duties on weekdays, the Jockey Club will distribute 50 masks to each colleague and their families for their use.

Even if they work from home, the Jockey Club will provide them with masks. As for colleagues who want to isolate themselves or those who are infected or their family members who are infected, 50 surgical masks will be distributed every week to them.

Winfred also mentioned in the letter that the Jockey Club will also donate masks to the community. Firstly, 80,000 KF-94 masks will be donated to the Hospital Authority. In addition, 250,000 masks will be donated to poor families and those who have special needs. The Jockey Club has also established an Emergency Assistance Fund, which will allocate funds to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to support community health and to provide protective equipment. In addition, it has allocated HK$23 million to NGOs to help 31,000 elderly people with disabilities. In other words, a total of HK$73 million has been allocated to NGOs to support their community’s efforts to fight the epidemic.

The Jockey Club reiterates that it is constantly striving to find sources of supplies to purchase more masks and continue to provide them to their employees and those in need in the community.