Hong Kong Housing Authority implements enhanced Marking Scheme for Public Housing Estates


11th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) announced today, 11th December, that the revised measures of the Marking Scheme for Estate Management Enforcement in Public Housing Estates will come into effect on 18th December, 2023.

The Subsidised Housing Committee of the HA had previously approved the implementation of measures to strengthen the Marking Scheme on 24th May, 2023. These enhancements include increasing penalty points for nine categories of misdeeds related to environmental hygiene, public safety, and serious breaches of the tenancy agreement. Additionally, the scope of two misdeed items concerning environmental hygiene and/or serious breach of tenancy agreement has been expanded. For the complete list of revised misdeeds under the Marking Scheme, please refer to the attached Annex.

The penalty points for the following nine misdeeds will be raised:

  • “Littering” – from five to seven points
  • “Disposing of refuse indiscriminately” – from five to seven points
  • “Allowing animals and livestock under charge to foul public places with faeces” – from five to seven points
  • “Obstructing corridors or stairs with sundry items rendering cleansing difficult” – from five to seven points
  • “Causing noise nuisance” – from five to seven points
  • “Dumping or disposing of decoration debris indiscriminately at refuse collection points, within buildings, or in other public areas” – from seven to 15 points
  • “Damaging down/sewage pipes causing leakage to the flat below” – from seven to 15 points, and the warning system will no longer be applicable
  • “Damaging or stealing Housing Authority’s property” – from seven to 15 points
  • “Using leased premises for illegal purposes” – from seven to 15 points

The scope of the following two misdeed items has been broadened:

  • “Refusing repair of leaking pipes or sanitary fittings responsible by the tenant” has been amended to “Failure to repair pipes or sanitary fittings for which the tenant is responsible or to rectify unauthorized alterations as demanded by HA”
  • “Illegal hawking of cooked food” has been amended to “Illegal hawking of commodities or services; supplying, promoting, soliciting, or advertising of commodities or services that are commercial in nature but without HA’s prior approval”

Under the revised scheme, if a household residing in Public Rental Housing (PRH)/Interim Housing accumulates 16 points within a two-year period, their tenancy will be terminated, and they will be prohibited from reapplying for PRH for a period of five years.

The HA spokesperson urged public housing tenants to prioritize domestic and environmental hygiene within public housing estates, take proper care of public facilities, and foster a sense of neighbourliness and friendliness. Emphasizing the importance of community building, the HA will intensify its efforts to publicise the revised Marking Scheme and remind PRH households to demonstrate public-spiritedness and empathy towards their neighbours, thus contributing to the development of a better and harmonious community.