Hong Kong Government urges public to stop using 5 hazardous extension cord models


13th April 2019 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) announcement in a notice on Wednesday, 10 April, stating that there are a total of five extension units which do not comply with relevant safety requirements.

  1. Brand: Remax – Model: RU-S4 (Please refer to Photo 1);
  2. Brand: LDNIO – Model: SC3301 (Please refer to Photo 2);
  3. Brand: LDNIO – Model: SC3604 (Please refer to Photo 3);
  4. No Brand Name – Model: ZGN-T06 (Please refer to Photo 4); and
  5. No Brand Name – Model: ZGN-T08 (Please refer to Photo 5).
Brand: Remax – Model: RU-S4 (Photo 1)
Brand: LDNIO – Model: SC3301 (Photo 2)

Brand: LDNIO – Model: SC3604 (Photo 3)
No Brand Name – Model: ZGN-T06 (Photo 4)
No Brand Name – Model: ZGN-T08 (Photo 5)
Photo 6

     The EMSD found that the above models of extension units do not comply with the relevant safety requirements, in particular that the flexible cords of all these models were undersized, posing overheating and fire hazard risks to users. In addition, the plugs of extension units 2 to 5 above were not fused according to the safety requirements. The EMSD reminds members of the public not to purchase the above models of extension units, and is investigating the source of these extension units for suitable follow-up action.

     The EMSD reminds the public that they should purchase 13A extension units with markings indicating compliance with the British Standard (BS 1363), and that the cross-sectional area of flexible cords is not less than 1.25 square millimetres (please refer to the example in photo 6). Members of the public can refer to the website of the EMSD (www.emsd.gov.hk/en/electricity_safety/registers/household_electrical_products_with_certificate/index.html) for brands and models of extension units registered under the Voluntary Registration Scheme and issued with Certificates of Safety Compliance. For enquiries, please check with the retailers or suppliers of extension units, or contact the EMSD at 1823.