Hong Kong Government to re-check eligibility before distributing second round of consumption vouchers


30th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong government will distribute the second round of consumption vouchers on July 16 through the same six payment platforms used in the first round. Citizens who wish to transfer their vouchers to a different platform may apply from 5th June to 27th June. Principal AS for Financial Services & the Treasury (Treasury)(Special Duties) Mr. Ricky Chong, stated on a radio program this morning that because eligibility will be re-checked before the distribution of the second round of vouchers, some citizens who successfully received the first round of HK$3,000 may not be eligible for the second round of HK$2,000.

Mr. Chong added that the government will screen applicants based on a set of criteria, including age (18 or above) and permanent residency status, as well as whether they have permanently left or intend to leave Hong Kong.

Regarding the payment platforms, Mr. Chong noted that the distribution of consumption vouchers in the past two years has helped promote electronic payment. Currently, there are 12 million new payment platform accounts, with an average of two accounts opened per person. Additionally, 200,000 new merchant accounts have been set up to accept electronic payments. He also mentioned that the government had considered adding other payment platforms, but found that the current platforms are sufficient, taking into account their capabilities and popularity.

Mr. Chong believes that the upcoming summer season, which is traditionally a peak period for local consumption, combined with various market activities, will bring about a boost of HK$13 billion in spending power to the market through the second round of consumption vouchers alone. Together with the first round of vouchers, the total amount will reach HK$33 billion, providing a 0.6% boost to the economy.