Hong Kong government doubts integrity of Christian Zheng Sheng College’s new board


18th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has expressed serious concerns over the governance of Christian Zheng Sheng College, following questionable actions by its newly restructured Board of Directors. The Board, accused of financial mismanagement and unclear associations with absconded former directors, has come under scrutiny for potentially jeopardising the welfare of the institution’s teachers and students.

In an urgent meeting held by the Narcotics Division of the Security Bureau with the Board, several alarming issues were brought to light. Initially, the Board cited financial difficulties as the reason for suspending the College’s operations. However, it was revealed that over $50 million, raised in the College’s name and transferred abroad by former directors Lam Hay-sing and Alman Chan Siu-cheuk, had not been pursued for recovery. This refusal occurred even after a reorganisation that should have marked a fresh, responsible start for the Board.

Further complicating the matter, the Board claimed on 12th June that all ties with Lam Hay-sing and Alman Chan Siu-cheuk had been severed. Contrary to these assertions, investigations showed that both individuals remain connected as Board members of “Christian Zheng Sheng College Limited” and “Zheng Sheng Charities Limited.” They reportedly still have the authority to manage the bank accounts related to these entities.

The current Board, which has been in place since mid-April, has shown a lack of initiative in addressing the ongoing crises at the College. No concrete measures have been proposed to resolve the financial or operational challenges facing the institution. The Board’s actions, including the passing of questionable resolutions and issuing misleading public statements, suggest a failure to uphold their responsibilities and a possible intention to shield the absconders from accountability.

The HKSAR Government has condemned these actions, deeming them detrimental to the interests of the students and the broader educational community. The government has declared a loss of confidence in the Board’s ability to govern the College effectively. In response, it is preparing to provide necessary assistance to the students affected by the College’s uncertain future and has directed law enforcement to intensify investigations and legal follow-ups concerning the Association and its affiliates.