Hong Kong government achieves goals at APEC summit and seeks friendly relations with the United States

John Lee

21st November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, expressed his appreciation for the Financial Secretary’s successful attendance at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit at a media session before the Executive Council meeting today. The summit provided an excellent platform to showcase Hong Kong’s advantages, strengths, opportunities, and attractions to the world. It also facilitated the establishment of friendships, relationships, and regional cooperation. Hong Kong strongly advocates for free trade, a free economy, and people-to-people exchanges, all of which were effectively promoted during the summit.

Regarding the meeting between President Xi Jinping and Joe Biden, Chief Executive John Lee highlighted the positive indications of cooperation in various areas between the United States and China. He emphasized that the collaboration between these two significant nations sets a constructive tone for international relations. As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is committed to actively fulfilling the agreements reached by the leaders of both countries. Chief Executive John Lee has consistently advocated for a robust trade relationship and business-to-business connections between Hong Kong and the United States. He will continue to encourage increased trade between the two economies, emphasizing the mutual benefits it brings to the people of both regions. Chief Executive John Lee acknowledged the substantial trade surplus that the United States enjoys in the bilateral trade with Hong Kong and expressed hope that the United States will pay serious attention to this aspect.

Lee emphasised the significance of the District Council Election as it represents an enhanced and improved electoral system. The election aims to produce dedicated District Council members who will actively engage in district affairs and work diligently for the benefit of the citizens. These members will ensure that the District Council functions in accordance with the Basic Law and serves as a consultative body. Moreover, it is crucial that all District Council members are patriots who prioritize the interests of Hong Kong and the country.

To encourage voter participation, the government has been actively promoting the importance of voting. Lee highlighted three key reasons for citizens to exercise their civic responsibility. Firstly, a high voter turnout will contribute to improved administration of district affairs, resulting in better living conditions for residents. Secondly, voting is a fundamental civic duty that should be embraced by all citizens. The government has requested civil servants to lead by example and demonstrate their civic responsibility by participating in the election. Lastly, voting enables civil servants to better understand the needs and aspirations of individual districts, enhancing their ability to serve the people of Hong Kong effectively. Lee urged all citizens to vote, emphasizing that the 18 districts are home to everyone, and active participation will contribute to building a better community for all.

Lee acknowledged the merit of the new District Council Election, both in terms of the election process and the delivery of outcomes through improved council meetings. Expectations will be placed on the performance of elected District Council members, with public and internal monitoring systems ensuring they fulfil their duties faithfully. Chief Executive John Lee expressed confidence in the candidates’ dedication and passion to serve their districts and the people of Hong Kong.