Hong Kong goes cashless at Lion Rock Tunnel, some drivers hesitant to adopt new HKeToll system


28th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Starting at 5am today, the Lion Rock Tunnel in Hong Kong has implemented HKeToll following the implementation of the same system at the Tsing Sha Control Area and Shing Mun Tunnels. This move is part of the Hong Kong government’s plan to phase out cash tolls at all of its tunnels and bridges.

The new system aims to reduce traffic congestion and improve travel efficiency by eliminating the need for drivers to stop and pay tolls manually. Instead, drivers can use an e-Payment device, like an Octopus card, or a compatible credit card to pay for the tolls electronically. The new system is expected to save drivers time and reduce traffic congestion at the tunnel.

To prepare for the implementation of the e-Payment system, the Transport Department had closed the Lion Rock Tunnel on 27th May from 10pm to 5am. During this time, the department conducted work on closing down the toll booths and replacing traffic signs and road markings. Five overnight bus routes and six overnight New Territories-bound minibus routes were also re-routed to avoid the Lion Rock Tunnel.

The Transport Department has reminded drivers to prepare for the new system by obtaining a HKeToll tag, as cash payment will no longer be accepted at the toll booths. Some drivers may need to adjust to the new payment system, which could cause some initial delays and confusion.

During the implementation of the e-Payment system at the Lion Rock Tunnel, Commissioner for Transport, Rosanna Law, was present to inspect the new system. However, there were reports of drivers who were not familiar with the new payment system and initially hesitated to continue driving without stopping to pay manually. The on-site workers had to explain and guide the drivers to make the payment using the e-Payment device.