Hong Kong Flower Show 2024 commercial stalls to be auctioned on 13th December


30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) The highly anticipated auctions for the commercial stalls at the Hong Kong Flower Show (HKFS) 2024 will take place on 13th December (Wednesday) at the Cheung Sha Wan Sports Centre, located at the junction of Cheung Sha Wan Road and Hing Wah Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon. Interested bidders, who must be 18 years of age or older and ordinarily residents of Hong Kong, can participate in the auctions. Additionally, companies incorporated in Hong Kong are also eligible to bid. Each bidder has the opportunity to bid for one or more stalls.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) is the organising body behind the 10-day flower show, which is scheduled to be held from 15th to 24th March, 2024, at Victoria Park. The showground will feature a total of 55 commercial stalls, offering a variety of stall types to cater to different businesses and interests.

The breakdown of stall types and their respective quantities are as follows:

  • Photographic equipment stall (5 metres x 5m): 1
  • Book stall (5m x 10m): 1
  • Beverage stall (5m x 5m): 2
  • Fast food stall (5m x 10m): 6
  • Fast food stall – Floral cafe (5m x 10m): 1
  • Handicraft stall (5m x 5m): 2
  • Flower and gardening stall (5m x 5m): 42

The auctions will be divided into two sessions, with different stall types and upset prices for each session. The first session will take place from 10am to noon, featuring the following stall types and upset prices:

  • Photographic equipment stall: $17,060
  • Book stall: $11,630
  • Beverage stall: $22,740
  • Fast food stall: $22,740
  • Fast food stall – Floral cafe: $22,740

The second session will run from 2.30pm to 6pm and will include the following stall types and upset prices:

  • Handicraft stall: $17,060
  • Flower and gardening stall: $17,060

Successful bidders will be required to pay a deposit of $4,528 for each stall as security. This deposit serves as a guarantee for the licensee’s compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in the licence agreement. After the conclusion of the flower show, the security deposit will be refunded to the licensee, provided all stipulations and provisions in the agreement have been adhered to.

The LCSD emphasises that the licensed stalls are solely intended for the sale and promotion of the permitted commodities. No other activities are allowed within the licensed area. In the event that the LCSD deems any activity conducted by the licensee to be unlawful, immoral, or incompatible with the objectives of the HKFS, they reserve the right to direct the licensee to cease such activities immediately, and the licensee must comply accordingly.

Licensees who successfully secure a stall through the auction must comply with all stipulations and provisions stated in the licence agreement. Failure to do so may result in consequences such as being prohibited from future bidding, receiving a default notice with a deduction from the security deposit, termination of the agreement, and prompt vacation of the stall.

Detailed location and layout plans, showcasing the commercial stalls up for auction, are available for viewing at various venues, including all District Leisure Services Offices of the LCSD, the Lift Lobby at 11/F, Leisure and Cultural Services Headquarters located at 1-3 Pai Tau Street, Sha Tin, and all Home Affairs Enquiry Centres of the Home Affairs Department.

For any inquiries, interested parties can contact 2601 8260 or visit the official website at www.hkflowershow.hk/en/hkfs/2024/commercial.html.