Hong Kong Flower Show 2024 at Victoria Park to showcase vibrant angelonia as theme flower


27th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) The highly anticipated Hong Kong Flower Show is set to grace Victoria Park for a delightful ten-day extravaganza, starting from 15th March and concluding on 24th March.

Running from 9am to 9pm daily, the event will feature the enchanting angelonia as the theme flower, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the show under the banner of “Floral Joy Around Town.”

Angelonia, also known as the “angel flower,” boasts a petite and distinctive shape, accompanied by a refreshing fragrance. Its lush stems, adorned with an abundance of delicate flower buds, transform into a vibrant spectacle when they burst into full bloom. The Chinese name for angelonia, “fragrant colourful bird,” aptly captures its likeness to graceful birds dancing in the breeze, enhancing the beauty of springtime.

As a herbaceous plant from the plantain family (Plantaginaceae), angelonia is indigenous to the tropical Americas. It thrives in the seasons of spring, summer, and autumn, exhibiting a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors. Its petite, fragrant flowers bloom gracefully from the bottom up along the stem. Angelonia flourishes in Hong Kong’s hot and humid climate, making it an ideal addition to local gardens.

Angelonia encompasses a wide range of species, varying in height from 30 to 100 centimeters. These captivating plants offer an array of unique spotted patterns within the corolla, adding to their ornamental value. Common hues include pure white, pinkish red, light purple, purple, and charming two-tone stripes.

Cultivating angelonia is a straightforward and rewarding endeavor. It can be grown in pots, adding a touch of elegance to gardens, flower pathways, and balconies. Alternatively, it can be planted directly in the ground. Some varieties are particularly favored as cut flowers, making them popular choices for stunning flower baskets and bouquets. Flower enthusiasts eagerly anticipate angelonia’s presence at flower shows, making it a coveted highlight.

In addition to the captivating theme flower and other delightful blossoms, the event will feature an extensive collection of exquisite potted plants, stunning floral arrangements, and meticulously crafted landscape displays. These captivating exhibits will be presented by local, Mainland, and overseas organisations. Visitors can also explore commercial stalls offering a wide range of flowers and horticultural products. The organisers have thoughtfully arranged a diverse array of educational and recreational fringe activities to ensure an enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.