Hong Kong filmmaker Stephen Chow holds auditions for “Shaolin Women’s Soccer” film in Taipei

    Elkie Chong (left) and Stephen Chow (right).

    2nd March 2024 – (Taipei) Hong Kong filmmaker Stephen Chow, renowned for his comedic genius and box office hits, announced the official launch of auditions for his upcoming film “Shaolin Women’s Soccer” during a press conference held in Taiwan on 1st March. The event was attended by Chow’s executive director who revealed that the auditions would expand globally, aiming to discover new talent from various countries and regions.

    Stephen Chow, has always been dedicated to nurturing young talents. With “Shaolin Women’s Soccer,” he aims to establish Taiwan as the starting point and extend the selection process to encompass other nations and even engage the global Chinese community.

    During the press conference, Elkie Chong, a former member of the South Korean girl group CLC and now a prominent Hong Kong actress, graced the event as a guest performer. Elkie mesmerized the audience with her renditions of the theme songs from Chow’s iconic films “The God of Cookery” and “King of Comedy.” Expressing her enthusiasm, Elkie shared that both she and her actress sister, Axity Chong Yik Ling, had already submitted their application forms for the auditions. Additionally, she took the opportunity to self-recommend herself, highlighting her amiable personality as a valuable asset.

    Elkie, a longtime fan of Stephen Chow, expressed her eagerness to collaborate with him. When asked if she would be willing to undergo physical transformations like the large buck-toothed character portrayed by Karen Mok in “The God of Cookery” or Zhao Wei’s bald-headed role in “Shaolin Soccer,” Elkie’s manager swiftly intervened, stating that a bald look wouldn’t be feasible, but a wig could be used instead. The manager also clarified that intimate scenes would not be suitable for Elkie’s positive and cheerful image. However, Elkie herself graciously stated that she had no qualms about playing unattractive characters, as she had experienced having protruding teeth during her childhood.