Hong Kong filmmaker Nick Cheuk honoured as Best New Director at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards

    Nick Cheuk

    26th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong filmmaker Nick Cheuk has been recognized as the Best New Director at the prestigious Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan for his emotionally charged film, “Time Still Turns the Pages.” The socially conscious drama delves into the themes of family trauma and student suicide.

    During his acceptance speech at the awards ceremony held in Taipei on Saturday night, Cheuk paid tribute to a dear friend whose tragic suicide served as the inspiration for his debut feature.

    Cheuk also expressed his appreciation for his girlfriend, acknowledging her unwavering support during the challenging process of making the film. He revealed that he battled with depression while shooting the movie but credited his girlfriend’s beautiful soul for guiding him through the darkness.

    “Time Still Turns the Pages” was also nominated for the grand prize of Best Narrative Film. However, the award ultimately went to the Taiwanese feature “Stonewalling,” directed by Ryuji Otsuka and Huang Ji.

    Among the other nominated films by talented young Hong Kong directors were Lawrence Kan Kwan-chun’s “In Broad Daylight,” Norris Wong Yee-lam’s “The Lyricist Wannabe,” and Sasha Chuk Tsz-yin’s “Fly Me to the Moon.” Yoyo Tse, from “Fly Me to the Moon,” emerged as the winner of the Best New Performer award. However, Jennifer Yu Heung-ying, nominated for her compelling performance in “In Broad Daylight,” and Chung Suet-ying, nominated for her role in “The Lyricist Wannabe,” missed out on the award, as it was bestowed upon 12-year-old Taiwanese actress Audrey Lin for her remarkable performance in “Trouble Girl,” making her the youngest recipient in this category.

    Sasha Chuk’s “Fly Me to the Moon” also earned recognition, securing the Fipresci Prize from the International Federation of Film Critics on Friday.

    In the competitive category of Best Supporting Actor, Hong Kong’s Sean Wong Tsz-lok, an 11-year-old performer who portrayed the troubled student Eli in “Time Still Turns the Pages,” was nominated but ultimately lost to seasoned Taiwanese actor Akio Chen for his role in “Old Fox.”

    Cheuk previously shared that the concept for “Time Still Turns the Pages” originated from a personal experience he had 14 years ago when a university friend took his own life. This heartbreaking incident led Cheuk to contemplate the prevalence of despair among Hong Kong’s youth, a sentiment he could relate to as a student himself.