Hong Kong family seeks compensation after driver dies in Tuen Mun Hospital following acute liver failure

Tuen Mun Hospital

22nd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong family has launched a civil lawsuit against the Hospital Authority after a tragic incident where a driver, identified as Wong Yun-chuen, died following acute liver failure. Initially treated in mainland China, Wong was transferred back to Hong Kong by ambulance, only to be declared dead after hours of waiting in the emergency room at Tuen Mun Hospital.

The distressing events unfolded on 18th August, 2021, when Wong, suffering from severe liver failure, was hurriedly brought back to Hong Kong for urgent medical attention. Upon arrival at Tuen Mun Hospital, he was categorized as a Class 3 emergency case, a classification used for patients in less critical condition who nevertheless require timely care.

The lawsuit, filed last Friday by Wong’s family, including Shen Lin Yan, alleges negligence and breach of duty on the part of the hospital staff. According to the claim, the hospital’s failure to provide adequate and timely care led to Wong’s untimely death. After several hours in the emergency room, his family discovered him cold and stiff, a clear indication that he had been deceased for some time.

The family’s legal action points to alleged violations of the professional codes of conduct as set by the medical council, arguing that these lapses directly contributed to Wong’s death. They are now seeking compensation from the Hospital Authority for their loss.