Hong Kong Express flight to Taipei diverted to Kaohsiung, delayed by three hours

File photo

3rd March 2024 – (Taipei) In what turned out to be an unscheduled detour, passengers aboard Hong Kong Express Flight UO112 found themselves on an unexpected stopover in Kaohsiung, resulting in a three-hour delay before reaching their intended destination in Taipei.

The Airbus A320 NEO, scheduled to connect Hong Kong to Taiwan’s capital, departed from Hong Kong International Airport on Sunday at approximately 12.39pm. The aircraft was originally slated to arrive at Taoyuan International Airport by 1.55pm the same day. However, FlightAware’s tracking data revealed an unforeseen change in the flight’s course, leading to its descent at Kaohsiung International Airport at around 2.12pm.

Following a pause of slightly over an hour, which included refuelling operations, the flight resumed its journey, eventually touching down in Taipei around 5pm, a full three hours later than initially planned.

Hong Kong Express provided clarification on the incident, citing that the diversion was necessitated by a notification from Taoyuan International Airport indicating that only one runway was operational at the time. The airline promptly rerouted to Kaohsiung, where the aircraft awaited further instructions.