Hong Kong elderly woman’s cross-border grocery hauls leave mainland Chinese astonished


27th MAy 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a new twist to the shopping habits of Hong Kong residents, many are now venturing across the border to mainland China for their groceries. This emerging trend came to light when mainland Chinese netizens recently spotted a Hong Kong “big auntie” casually breezing through Customs with a hefty load. The sight left them utterly amazed, exclaiming that Hong Kong shoppers have taken cross-border grocery shopping to a whole new level.

The incident was shared on the popular social media platform, Xiaohongshu. The post described how a Hong Kong “big auntie” was seen effortlessly carrying a large bucket of cooking oil through the Liantang Port, bordering Shenzhen. The poster expressed their surprise, stating that while it’s common to see elderly men and women crossing the border for groceries, this took it to a whole new level. They even remarked that cross-border grocery shopping has become a truly adventurous endeavour.

Accompanying the post was a photo showing the “big auntie” wearing sports shoes and carrying a backpack on both shoulders, confidently holding a 4-litre bucket of cooking oil.

The netizens’ reactions to this spectacle varied, with many expressing shock and questioning why someone would go through the trouble of buying such heavy items, considering that cooking oil is not expensive in Hong Kong. One commenter mentioned witnessing a woman dragging three boxes of milk back to Hong Kong, while another shared how their friends often travel to the mainland to buy Northeastern rice. The original poster speculated that the “big auntie” might simply be curious to try out mainland Chinese cooking oil and wanted to experience something new.