Hong Kong Disneyland employee Santi becomes a sensation as fans flock for photos


25th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Amidst the magical realm of Hong Kong Disneyland, where families and fans from around the globe flock to experience the wonders of ‘Duffy and Friends’, a new star has risen, eclipsing the park’s beloved characters. It is not Mickey Mouse, Iron Man, or Queen Elsa who has recently captured the parkgoers’ adoration but a real-life attendant named Santi.

The enchanting atmosphere of the park took an unexpected turn when Santi, a foreign national employed to maintain order during photo sessions with costumed staff, stole the spotlight with his dashing looks and congenial manner. Visitors, particularly female fans, have been so captivated by his charm that they have clamoured for pictures with him, inadvertently turning Santi into a celebrity checkpoint of his own within the park.

Social media platforms, especially the Chinese site Xiaohongshu, have been abuzz with images and videos of Santi, as he effortlessly diverts attention from the ‘Duffy and Friends’ mascots. Fans have lauded him as “Hong Kong Disneyland’s most handsome employee” and a “true prince”, with some even declaring that his appeal surpasses that of top male celebrities. The sentiment is unanimous; guests are keen to ‘capture’ a moment with him, hoping for a cherished photo.

This burgeoning fascination took a comical turn during an interaction where a costumed staff member, upon noticing the attention Santi was receiving, playfully demanded fans to choose between taking a picture with the character or with Santi. This jovial rivalry added to the park’s festive spirit, much to the amusement of the bystanders.

Despite the competition with the park’s animated darlings, Santi’s popularity remains unchallenged. His mere presence has shifted the dynamics of the park experience, with guests documenting their encounters and earnestly seeking moments where they can be photographed alongside him. Even LinaBell, a recent addition to the ‘Duffy and Friends’ lineup, seems to be no match for Santi’s exceptional charisma.

Santi, who communicates with visitors in English, has shown admirable professionalism. He graciously accepts photo requests, and even when he’s unable to oblige due to his duties, his polite declinations showcase his commitment to providing exemplary service.