Hong Kong Customs seizes suspected smuggling case worth HK$160 million at the Kwai Chung Container Terminals

Kwai Chung Container Terminals

14th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Customs officials made a discovery on 7th May at the Kwai Chung Container Terminals when they detected a suspected case of smuggling goods to Taiwan using an ocean-going vessel. Two containers were found to contain a large batch of unmanifested goods with an estimated market value of approximately $160 million.

Through extensive intelligence analysis and risk assessment, Customs authorities were able to uncover the criminals’ plan to smuggle goods via ocean-going vessels. To combat such activities, strategies were formulated, leading to the identification of an ocean-going vessel that was preparing to depart from Hong Kong to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Customs officers promptly inspected the vessel and discovered the undisclosed goods inside two containers.

The seized items included suspected scheduled dried shark fins and skins, suspected scheduled wood furniture, electronic components, and electronic products. An ongoing investigation is currently taking place, and the possibility of arrests has not been ruled out.

Smuggling is considered a serious offence in Hong Kong. According to the Import and Export Ordinance, individuals found guilty of importing or exporting unmanifested cargo can face a maximum fine of $2 million and a prison sentence of up to seven years.