Hong Kong Customs seizes suspected smuggled goods worth HK$100m on Malaysia-bound vessel in Kwai Chung, 53-year-old woman arrested


17th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Customs made a significant breakthrough in their efforts to combat smuggling activities as they detected a suspected case of using an ocean-going vessel to smuggle goods to Malaysia at the Kwai Chung Container Terminals. A substantial quantity of suspected smuggled electronic components, goods, and waste, with an estimated market value of approximately $100 million, was seized during the operation.

After conducting intelligence analysis and risk assessment, Customs officials uncovered a criminal plot to smuggle goods using ocean-going vessels. They promptly formulated strategies to counter such activities and identified an outgoing vessel bound for Malaysia from Hong Kong for inspection.

On 4th April, Customs officers executed a well-coordinated operation, resulting in the seizure of a large batch of suspected smuggled goods. The confiscated items included integrated circuits, computer servers, routers, and electronic waste, all concealed inside a container that was falsely declared as containing aluminium alloy.

Following the operation, a 53-year-old woman suspected to be connected to the case was apprehended on 5th April. She has since been released on bail while investigations continue. Customs officials have not ruled out the possibility of further arrests as their investigation progresses.

Hong Kong Customs, as the primary agency responsible for suppressing smuggling activities, has consistently been at the forefront of combating various forms of smuggling. They remain committed to robust enforcement actions and will continue to proactively manage risks and employ intelligence-based strategies to combat sea smuggling. Targeted anti-smuggling operations will be conducted at opportune times to deal decisive blows against illicit activities.