Hong Kong Customs seizes suspected smuggled computer components worth HK$1.1 million at the Shenzhen Bay Control Point


22nd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Customs made a significant discovery on 21st February at the Shenzhen Bay Control Point, uncovering a suspected smuggling case involving a medium goods vehicle. The operation resulted in the seizure of approximately 1,300 suspected smuggled computer RAM units and around 700 suspected smuggled solid-state drives, collectively valued at an estimated HK$1.1 million.

The interception of the outgoing medium goods vehicle was prompted by careful risk assessment conducted by Customs officials. During the X-ray examination of the vehicle, irregularities were detected in the images of the undercarriage. Further inspection revealed that the batch of suspected smuggled goods had been cleverly concealed within the chassis frame beneath the cargo compartment.

Subsequently, a 50-year-old male driver was apprehended and charged with one count of attempting to export unmanifested cargo. The case is scheduled to be presented at the Tuen Mun Magistrates’ Courts on February 29, where legal proceedings will commence.