Hong Kong Customs seizes suspected cocaine worth HK$1.15 million at airport


21st November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Customs made a significant drug seizure at Hong Kong International Airport on November 19, uncovering an internal concealment case involving a passenger. Approximately 934 grams of suspected cocaine, with an estimated market value of around $1.15 million, were confiscated.

The incident occurred when a 39-year-old female passenger arrived in Hong Kong from Paris, France. During the Customs clearance process, officers noticed suspicious signs that the passenger may have foreign objects concealed within her body cavity. Consequently, the woman was promptly arrested and taken to a hospital for a thorough examination.

Upon examination by a doctor, it was confirmed that the passenger had indeed concealed foreign objects within her body cavity. As of 1pm on 21st November, a total of 59 pellets, weighing 934 grams and believed to be cocaine, were discharged by the arrested individual.

The arrested woman is now facing a charge of trafficking in a dangerous drug. She will be presented before the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts on 22nd November.

With the gradual resumption of normal travel and increased exchanges with the Mainland and other regions, Hong Kong has witnessed a steady rise in visitor numbers. In response, Customs will continue to employ a risk assessment approach, focusing on passengers from high-risk areas for thorough screening, as part of their efforts to combat transnational drug trafficking activities.