Hong Kong Customs seizes HK$8.9 million worth of suspected counterfeit goods at Tuen Mun River Trade Terminal


30th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Customs made a significant seizure on 23rd May, confiscating approximately 10,000 suspected counterfeit goods with an estimated market value of about $8.9 million at the Tuen Mun River Trade Terminal. The operation, conducted through meticulous risk assessment, targeted a 40-foot container that had arrived in Hong Kong from Nansha, Guangdong.

During the inspection, Customs officers discovered a substantial quantity of suspected counterfeit goods within the container. The seized items included watches, sunglasses, clothing, footwear, and mobile phone accessories. The initial investigation suggests that the batch of counterfeit goods was intended for transhipment to overseas regions.

The investigation into this case is currently underway, as authorities work diligently to gather more information and identify the individuals and networks involved in this illicit trade. Hong Kong Customs remains committed to collaborating closely with both Mainland and overseas law enforcement agencies to combat cross-boundary counterfeit goods activities effectively. By focusing on risk assessment and intelligence analysis, Customs aims to take robust enforcement measures to curb such illegal practices.

Importing or exporting goods with forged trademarks is a serious offence under the Trade Descriptions Ordinance. Those found guilty can face severe consequences, including a maximum penalty of a $500,000 fine and imprisonment for up to five years.