Hong Kong Customs seizes HK$7 million worth of cocaine hidden in durian cookies, 2 local women arriving from Malaysia arrested


28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Customs officers intercepted a drug trafficking scheme at the airport involving an estimated $7 million worth of suspected cocaine yesterday. The illicit substance, weighing approximately 6.4 kilograms, was ingeniously concealed in durian cookie boxes within the carry-on luggage of two female passengers.

The two women, aged 23 and 40, had flown into Hong Kong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During the routine customs clearance process, officials discovered the large haul of suspected cocaine stashed inside 46 boxes of durian cookies that the women were carrying in their suitcases.

Following the discovery, customs officers promptly arrested the suspects. The women are now under investigation for their involvement in drug trafficking activities. If convicted, they could face severe penalties, including lengthy prison sentences.

This case is one of the more novel attempts at drug smuggling intercepted by Hong Kong Customs, highlighting the increasingly creative methods employed by drug traffickers to evade law enforcement. The use of food products for concealment is a common tactic, as it can often bypass initial scrutiny during customs checks.

Hong Kong Customs has been ramping up its efforts to combat drug trafficking, employing sophisticated screening technologies and enhancing the training of its staff to identify and intercept such attempts. The recent seizure underscores the effectiveness of these measures and the relentless vigilance of customs officers in their fight against drug smuggling.