Hong Kong Customs seizes HK$4 million worth of suspected smuggled lobsters and seafood in anti-smuggling operation

HK Customs

23rd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Customs conducted a successful anti-smuggling operation in the southern waters of Hong Kong, resulting in the seizure of approximately 1,100 kilograms of suspected smuggled live lobsters and 400 kilograms of chilled seafood. The estimated market value of the seized items amounts to around $4 million. Six individuals, ranging in age from 26 to 65, were arrested in connection with the case, and an ongoing investigation is underway.

On 21st September, Hong Kong Customs executed an anti-smuggling operation in the southern waters of Hong Kong, specifically targeting a suspected smuggling case involving a fishing vessel. During the operation, customs officials identified a suspicious fishing vessel off the east of Tau Lo Chau, with several individuals suspected of engaging in smuggling activities on board.

Acting swiftly, customs officers intercepted the fishing vessel and seized a significant haul of suspected smuggled live lobsters and chilled seafood. The seized items, weighing approximately 1,100 kilograms and 400 kilograms, respectively, are estimated to have a market value of around $4 million. The successful operation demonstrates Hong Kong Customs’ commitment to combating smuggling activities in the region’s waters.

As a result of the operation, six individuals believed to be connected with the smuggling case were apprehended. The suspects, aged between 26 and 65, were taken into custody for further investigation. Authorities will work diligently to gather evidence and uncover the full extent of the smuggling network involved.

An investigation into the smuggling case is currently underway, with Hong Kong Customs leading the efforts. The agency, responsible for suppressing smuggling activities, has been at the forefront of combating various forms of smuggling. Customs remains dedicated to proactive risk management and intelligence-based enforcement strategies, ensuring that smuggling activities are curtailed effectively.

Hong Kong Customs pledges to maintain its enforcement actions and intensify efforts to combat sea smuggling activities. Through targeted anti-smuggling operations conducted at opportune times, customs aims to deliver a substantial blow to relevant illicit activities. By leveraging proactive risk management and intelligence-driven approaches, Hong Kong Customs will continue to safeguard the integrity of its waters and the security of its borders.