Hong Kong Customs seizes HK$1 million worth of suspected cocaine in airport drug trafficking case, 26-year-old male passenger arrested


2nd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a significant operation, Hong Kong Customs intercepted a passenger involved in a drug trafficking case at Hong Kong International Airport on 1st October. Approximately 950 grams of suspected cocaine, with an estimated market value of around $1 million, were seized during the operation.

The incident unfolded when a 26-year-old male passenger arrived in Hong Kong from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, via Doha. During the customs clearance process, authorities discovered the illicit substance concealed within a false compartment in the passenger’s carry-on baggage. Acting swiftly, law enforcement officers made an immediate arrest.

The Hong Kong Customs Department, in collaboration with relevant agencies, has initiated a comprehensive investigation into the case. The focus of the investigation is to uncover the source of the illegal drugs, as well as any potential connections or networks involved in the trafficking operation. Authorities are committed to dismantling such criminal activities and bringing those responsible to justice.

The seizure of approximately 950 grams of suspected cocaine underscores the persistent efforts of Hong Kong Customs in combating drug trafficking. By intercepting these illicit substances at the airport, law enforcement agencies play a crucial role in curbing the flow of illegal drugs into the city.