Hong Kong Customs issues safety alert for toy gun set amidst hazards


22nd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Customs has issued a timely reminder to the public regarding an unsafe model of a toy gun set, as test results indicate potential safety hazards. Parents are advised to immediately prevent their children from playing with the toy set, while traders are urged to remove it from their shelves.

In an effort to ensure consumer safety, Customs officers conducted test purchases of various projectile toys from retailers across different districts, specifically targeting toy guns. The results of these tests unveiled a concerning discovery: one particular model of a toy gun allows children to load objects other than the original accessories into the barrel for shooting. This poses a significant risk of injury, particularly if the objects are directed towards the eyes or faces of children or others. Furthermore, the whistle accessory included in the toy set was found to emit a sound exceeding permissible limits, potentially causing hearing damage if children are exposed to it for prolonged periods.

Taking swift action, Hong Kong Customs launched an operation and conducted a search at the premises of the retailer involved in the case. As a result, six suspected unsafe toy guns of the same model were confiscated, and a prohibition notice was served simultaneously to halt the sale of the toy set by both the retailer and the associated wholesaler.

An ongoing investigation is currently underway to uncover further details and ensure appropriate actions are taken to mitigate the risks associated with this unsafe toy gun set. Hong Kong Customs remains committed to safeguarding the welfare of the public, especially children, and will continue to monitor the market for any additional safety concerns.

In light of these developments, it is crucial for parents and guardians to be vigilant and immediately cease their children’s use of the identified toy gun set. The potential dangers posed by this product warrant prompt action to prevent accidents and protect the well-being of young individuals. Traders are also urged to act responsibly by promptly removing the toy set from their shelves, thereby preventing its availability to unsuspecting consumers.