Hong Kong couple makes headway in quest for mystery drone man who captured their first kiss in 2015

The mystery drone man in circle.

9th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong couple’s relentless search for the enigmatic drone man, who unwittingly played a role in their love story, has gained momentum. The man captured on drone footage—their first kiss at Po Toi O Pier on 21st October, 2015. The couple, represented by Shradha Cheung on behalf of Natalie Chan, expressed their gratitude to Dimsum Daily for the support that led to this development.

Following the publication of their story on 28th March, a community member came forward with a potential photograph of the mystery drone man. This new lead has brought the couple closer than ever to unravelling his identity, with the couple attributing this progress to the assistance received through previous coverage by Dimsum Daily.

With a newfound sense of hope and determination, the couple is thrilled to finally have a face to share with the world. They emphasize the immense power of media and community outreach, underlining the belief that featuring the man’s photograph will prompt him or someone who recognizes him to step forward, ultimately completing their search.

As their wedding day, scheduled for 18th April, rapidly approaches, the couple’s determination to find this missing connection has intensified. They are resolute in their quest to incorporate this cherished memory into their momentous celebration.

As a gesture of appreciation, the couple is offering a reward of HK$10,000 to the individual who successfully reunites them with the elusive drone enthusiast.