Hong Kong braces for eight consecutive days of rain as Southwest Monsoon arrives

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18th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory has recently announced the impending arrival of the Southwest Monsoon in the South China Sea, which could potentially trigger heavy rainfall. Various computer models have also predicted the development of sudden showers early this week. Taking into account these forecasts from different sources, the Observatory estimates that the weather will become unstable in the coming days, with a high probability of rain in Hong Kong. Residents are advised to stay tuned to the latest weather updates before heading out.

The latest nine-day weather forecast from the Hong Kong Observatory reveals that rain is expected to persist in the city starting from Sunday, the 19th of May, for a consecutive period of eight days. The heaviest downpour is anticipated on Monday, with the Observatory predicting cloudy conditions accompanied by sudden showers and thunderstorms. At times, the rainfall is expected to be quite heavy.

As an easterly airstream affects the coast of Guangdong, the weather outlook for today in Hong Kong is mainly cloudy with a few showers. There will be intervals of sunshine throughout the day, and the maximum temperature is forecasted to reach around 28 degrees Celsius. Moderate easterly winds will blow across the region.

Looking ahead, the weather will gradually worsen, with squally thunderstorms expected tomorrow. Monday is likely to experience heavy showers. Showers will continue to occur in the middle and later parts of next week. The easterly airstream will persist in Guangdong, while a broad trough of low pressure is anticipated to bring heavy showers and squally thunderstorms to the coast of Guangdong and the northern part of the South China Sea in the next few days. The influence of this trough of low pressure will result in ongoing showers throughout the middle and later parts of next week.

Source: Hong Kong Observatory