Hong Kong basks in unseasonable warmth as temperature soars to 28°C today

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21st February 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory has reported afternoon temperatures reaching a high of 28 degrees Celsius across the territory. This unseasonable warmth, driven by a warm and humid maritime airstream, has swept through the coastal areas of Guangdong, enveloping Hong Kong in a balmy embrace typically uncommon for this time of year.

Residents experienced a notably warm day, with the mercury climbing to levels that prompted many to shed their winter layers. This surge in temperature comes as part of a broader climatic trend affecting the region, which meteorologists are closely monitoring.

The Observatory’s forecast for the immediate future indicates a shift towards cloudier skies. With the onset of fog expected in the morning and night, there is a slight chance of rain. The anticipated minimum temperature for tomorrow hovers around 21 degrees Celsius, offering a mild respite from the daytime heat. Urban areas can expect the thermometer to peak at approximately 26 degrees, while parts of the New Territories may experience slightly higher temperatures due to their geographical positioning.

In terms of wind conditions, a light to moderate breeze from the east to southeast will prevail.

Looking ahead, the weather is set to take a cooler turn as the week progresses. A decline in temperature is expected over the next few days, with windier conditions forecasted for Friday and Saturday. The region’s coastal areas will remain under the influence of a warm and humid airstream for a short period before the northeast monsoon asserts itself, ushering in a cooler atmosphere across the southern Chinese coastline early next week.