Hong Kong-based Chinese woman plays volunteer courier for bread donations


25th May 2024 – (Hong Kon) A Chinese woman living in Hong Kong, has found a fulfilling way to spend her spare time by volunteering as a courier for bread donations. She shared her experience on the social media platform Xiaohongshu, along with a video tutorial encouraging others to register as volunteers.

The volunteer work involves collecting expired bread from local bakeries and delivering it to designated non-profit organizations. The process is facilitated through a mobile application called “Breadline,” where volunteers can locate leftover bread and baked goods and transport them to those in need. The collected items are promptly distributed to individuals and families in need, providing assistance to the less fortunate.

The woman, after completing her first volunteering experience, expressed that she found the process enjoyable, relaxing, and meaningful. Amidst the busyness and monotony of daily life, she believes that dedicating time to help others allows her to rediscover the true meaning of living.

Breadline, developed by Dr. Daisy Tam, an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University and an expert in food waste reduction, aims to combat food waste and assist the underprivileged. Registered volunteers can use the app to locate leftover bread and baked goods, collect them, and deliver them to designated non-profit organisations. Through the app, the woman successfully collected five expired loaves of bread from a nearby 7-Eleven store. She then took a tram from Causeway Bay to Sheung Wan, where she dropped off the bread at the designated collection point.