“Hong Kong Autonomy Act” will affect the business community locally


27th June 2020 – (Hong Kong) In response to Beijing’s implementation of the “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law” legislation, the United States Senate has unanimously passed the “Hong Kong Autonomy Act” to impose sanctions on individuals and entities that impair Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Legislative Councillor Felix Chung Kwok-pan said this morning (27th) that the relevant bill threatens the Hong Kong business community greatly, because the bill will affect the family members of the sanctioned officials and may punish some companies, even banks that do business locally. The bill is an enhanced version of the earlier “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act”. He pointed out that society expects a stable business environment. Pan-democrats have always misinterpreted Article 23 of the Basic Law into a vicious decree to incite the people to resist and obstruct legislation. The remaining term of the current government It is not enough to complete the legislation so that the central government is eager to step in to complete.

Member of the Executive Council Wong Kwok-kin agrees that it is not ideal for the central government to implement national security law for Hong Kong. However, as the anti-extradition rallies broke out one year ago, the chaos in Hong Kong has become more and more serious, and some young people have no comprehension of ​​the rule of law. He believes that the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law is not the end. Hong Kong’s problems will not be solved in a day, and the central government will have a way to deal with it. He continued that the mainland’s response to the United States has been expected.