Hong Kong aspiring actress shares experience of living in a 100sqf apartment in Cheung Sha Wan with boyfriend

    Tin Siu-ying

    25th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong aspiring actress Tin Siu-ying, who is currently on a working holiday in Australia and New Zealand with her model boyfriend, took to social media platform Xiaohongshu to upload a video titled “HK$2,650 per person per month for a 100-square-foot apartment.” In the video, she shared the living environment and experience of her first home in Hong Kong with her boyfriend.

    The video revealed a 100-square-foot apartment rented for HK$5,300 per month. Upon entering the unit, the independent toilet was located on the left side, lacking a clear separation between wet and dry areas. The space behind the mirror and a false ceiling were utilized to store miscellaneous items such as toiletries and toilet paper. The front door could not fully open due to bags and umbrellas placed behind it. In the entrance area, a small coat rack served as a “mini wardrobe” where their clothes, socks, and worn-out garments were hung.

    Tin Siu-ying jokingly mentioned that the corridor was extremely narrow, accommodating only one person, and “larger individuals had to stick to the wall,” resulting in blackened walls. The living area served as both a bedroom and a common space. On one side, essential appliances such as a small refrigerator, sink, induction cooker, and range hood were fitted, while on the other side, there was a sofa bed that could be converted from day to night. Additionally, a wooden cabinet made from wine crates costing HK$20 to HK$40 was used to maximize storage space, even utilizing the empty space in the false ceiling.

    She praised the apartment’s convenience and safety, stating that it was located between Cheung Sha Wan and Sham Shui Po, with both MTR stations just a five-minute walk away. She appreciated that the apartment did not face a busy main road, avoiding excessive noise, and it was not directly facing neighbouring buildings. Tin Siu-ying also highlighted the excellent natural light, with the apartment receiving sunlight and offering a view of the sunset. Situated on the 12th floor, the unit required taking an elevator to the 11th floor and then climbing one flight of stairs, which she found manageable. Moreover, she mentioned the abundance of facilities in the vicinity, even mentioning the availability of late-night barbecues. Importantly, both entrances to the building were secured by 24-hour security.

    The post garnered a significant response from netizens, with many expressing resonance with Tin Siu-ying’s experience. Some commented that apartments priced at HK$5,000 in old tenement buildings were hard to come by and praised the affordable nature of the accommodation. They also admired Tin Siu-ying’s organizational skills, describing the small space as cozy and filled with love. However, others remarked on the challenges of living in such cramped quarters, with one netizen stating, “I wouldn’t be able to fit even if I gained weight” and expressing disbelief at the living conditions in Hong Kong