Hong Kong and Mainland legal sectors enhance exchanges

The Secretary for Justice, Mr Paul Lam, SC (second right), and the delegation comprising representatives from the Hong Kong legal sector visit the Nansha Planning Exhibition Hall on the morning of 9th June in Nansha.

10th June 2023 – (Guangzhou) The Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong, Mr Paul Lam, SC, concluded a visit to Guangzhou and Shenzhen today after meeting legal officials and experts in a bid to strengthen cooperation.

Mr Lam and representatives of Hong Kong’s legal sector visited the Nansha New Area in Guangzhou yesterday. They met the Secretary of the Communist Party Nansha District Committee, Mr Lu Yixian, and the Nansha District Deputy Mayor, Mr Pang Bo.

Mr Lam said the Department of Justice would encourage more legal talent exchanges between Hong Kong and Nansha, especially in maritime law, insurance and dispute resolution. This would aid Nansha’s development, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area integration and rule of law, Mr Lam said.

Mr Lam later visited the Supreme People’s Court’s International Commercial Court. He met Vice Presidents Zhao Jinshan and Liu Zheng and learned of the court’s one-stop platform combining litigation, mediation and arbitration to resolve international commercial disputes.

Mr Lam then visited the Shenzhen Qianhai Cooperation Zone People’s Court. In a roundtable with Court President Bian Fei, Mr Lam discussed adopting Hong Kong law for Hong Kong companies in Qianhai court and proving Hong Kong law.

Hong Kong legal representatives hoped to work with mainland counterparts to promote adopting Hong Kong law for Hong Kong companies in Qianhai and share expertise on proving Hong Kong law. Mr Lam agreed to explore expanding legal talent to prove laws, including helping young lawyers understand the Greater Bay Area’s legal needs to effectively prove Hong Kong law. This could strengthen users’ confidence in choosing Hong Kong law and support rule of law, Mr Lam said.

Mr Lam today visited Tencent’s Shenzhen headquarters and met Dean of Tencent Research Institute Jason Si. They discussed how tools like ChatGPT may affect sectors and laws. Mr Lam said Hong Kong’s legal sector should seize opportunities from technology to enhance services by utilizing technology.

Mr Lam said the visit with legal groups and the Intellectual Property Department was fruitful. Exchanging views on key topics improved mutual understanding. The Department of Justice would continue aligning rules and talent exchanges to jointly develop the Greater Bay Area, Mr Lam said.

He thanked the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, Guangdong’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office and all organisations and individuals who helped arrange and assist the visit.