Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng spotted navigating alone at Shanghai airport

    Sandra Ng was spotted at Shanghai airport.

    3rd April 2024 – (Shanghai) Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng has recently sported a new chestnut blonde hairstyle, making her easily recognisable. However, it seems that her down-to-earth demeanour has left a lasting impression on some mainland netizens who encountered her at Shanghai airport.

    Ng, who has been busy promoting her new movie was seen at the airport dressed casually and modestly, without any assistants or entourage by her side.

    The incident occurred when an observant netizen spotted Ng wandering around the airport, seemingly searching for directions. During her quest, she passed by the customer service center, but she managed to navigate the airport all by herself, dragging her luggage along. The netizen, filled with excitement, shared the experience, stating, “As I was heading towards the security checkpoint, I unexpectedly saw Sandra Ng. I was so thrilled that I couldn’t utter a word. It’s impressive to see a Hong Kong celebrity like her being so low-key, without any staff members accompanying her.”

    Although the video capturing this moment was only a few seconds long, it sparked considerable discussion. Netizens commented, “If it were a mainland celebrity, they would probably be surrounded by more than 20 bodyguards,” while others recalled a similar incident a few years ago involving Ng’s partner, director Peter Chan, where he was also spotted alone without any assistants. These encounters further solidify the perception of Ng and Chan being modest and unpretentious.