Hong Kong actress Rachel Lee celebrates 40 years in the industry with daughter Annise Hui in special photoshoot

    Rachel Lee (right) and her daughter Annise Hui (left).

    26th May 2024 – (Hong Kong)

    Hong Kong actress Rachel Lee, has achieved a remarkable weight loss transformation in recent years. Earlier, she made a public appearance alongside her daughter, Annise Hui, receiving praise from netizens. This year marks Rachel Lee’s 40th anniversary in the entertainment industry, and to commemorate the occasion, the mother-daughter duo took part in a stunning photoshoot. On the day of the shoot, the two shared makeup and fashion tips with each other, displaying a remarkable bond akin to that of sisters. Annise expressed the significance of capturing beautiful photos with her mother during this milestone year.

    In recent years, many advertisers have sought to collaborate with the mother-daughter pair, and they have even shared videos on social media. Annise expressed her comfort with this type of filming, stating that online videos offer a different kind of platform where there is less pressure compared to movies. She also appreciates the freedom it allows. When asked if she would consider acting in films like her mother, Annise expressed openness to new experiences and experiments.