Hong Kong actress Priscilla Wong wins hearts with her down-to-earth charm

    Priscilla Wong

    25th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong television host and actress Priscilla Wong, known for her roles in numerous popular TVB dramas, has been making waves not only for her youthful appearance at the age of 42 but also for her amicable nature and approachability. These traits have endeared her even more to her fans since her marriage to fellow actor Edwin Siu in 2018 and her subsequent transition from dramas to travelogue programmes.

    Since her nuptials, Wong has largely resided in mainland China, where she has been increasingly seen on various social media platforms, particularly Xiaohongshu. Her adoring fans have praised her for looking much younger than her age, with many expressing their admiration for her congenial and respectful personality.

    A recent encounter with Wong in West Lake, Hangzhou, further cemented this reputation. When a fan asked Wong for a photograph, she graciously agreed and even helped hold the camera for a selfie, a move that drew comparisons to the beloved Hong Kong actor, Chow Yun-fat, who is known for his down-to-earth and relatable persona.

    This interaction spurred a flurry of positive comments online, with fans expressing their eagerness to see her in a starring role once again. Wong’s undeniable charm and warmth illustrate her strong rapport with the audience, a critical factor for any public figure.

    Born on 23 October 1981, Priscilla Wong has had a remarkable journey in the entertainment industry. After graduating from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2003, she started her career as an anchor for i-Cable’s entertainment news programme. She later joined TVB in 2012, where she made her mark as an actress.

    Wong’s acting career has been marked by notable performances in dramas like “Reality Check,” “Karma Rider,” “Return of the Silver Tongue,” “Swipe Tap Love,” and “Madam Cutie On Duty.” Her portrayal of Apple Fa in “Madam Cutie On Duty” earned her a place in the top five nominations for the Most Popular Female Character at the 2015 TVB Anniversary Awards.

    In 2017, Wong starred in the crime drama “Line Walker: The Prelude,” where she played an amateur undercover cop who infiltrated a crime organisation. Her most recent role was as barrister Alison Koo in the 2021 drama “Battle Of The Seven Sisters.”

    Off-screen, Wong is also known for her personal life. She started dating her “Madam Cutie On Duty” co-actor Edwin Siu in 2014, and the couple tied the knot in New Zealand in 2018.