Hong Kong actress Natalie Tong struggles to find balance after 20 years of nonstop work

    Natalie Tong

    11th April 2024- (Hong Kong) In a recent interview, Hong Kong actress Natalie Tong, revealed the toll that years of relentless work have taken on her well-being. Despite amassing a comfortable fortune and enjoying a worry-free lifestyle, Tong admitted that the accumulated stress has left her physically weakened and depleted. She acknowledged that even if she were to pause now, the damage has already been done, and she must prioritize her health and engage in proper self-care. Fortunately, Tong emphasized that she has consistently prioritized her mental well-being over the years, constantly reminding herself not to succumb to the pressures of the industry.

    Having been absent from TVB for nearly half a year, Tong recently embarked on a travel documentary project with HOY TV, exploring various cities in the United Kingdom. She candidly admitted that this venture provided her with an extraordinary surge of motivation. Following the program’s broadcast, numerous viewers expressed their delight in witnessing a different side of Natalie Tong, observing her joyful and carefree demeanour through her expressions and actions. During an exclusive interview with Oriental Daily, Tong shared that many people had remarked on the transformation, stating, “I think it’s because my mindset has changed. Previously, I would channel all my thoughts into work. As someone who is a workaholic, I held high expectations for myself, which is an essential quality for an actor. However, finding a balance would be achievable if I could complete a series and then take a break. I lost that balance before. Over the past 20 years, I rarely took the time to truly live. That’s why I am happy now. During this period, I can genuinely live my life. Like many others, I wake up in the morning and do things I want to do, such as watching movies. Without the pressure surrounding me, I can finally relax.”

    In the past year, Tong has also discovered various interests, including running, meditation, and baking. She has found immense happiness in embracing the role of a “student.” She explained that her conversations with others have expanded beyond discussing the latest projects she’s working on or what she had for dinner. Engaging in interest classes has allowed her to meet people from diverse backgrounds and age groups, broadening her horizons. Tong expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “We no longer talk about the characters we portray but rather how to make the perfect loaf of bread. It has opened up a whole new world for me.”