Hong Kong actress Linda Chung’s airport encounter sparks online discussion and resurfaces rumours

    Linda Chung

    26th November 2023 – (Vancouver) Hong Kong actress Linda Chung, recently found herself in the spotlight when a netizen shared a video clip of their chance encounter at the airport. The clip, which captured a candid moment of Chung, quickly spread on social media, leading to a heated discussion among netizens and reigniting rumours about her alleged dual personality.

    The blogger who encountered Chung titled their post “What It’s Like to be on the Same Flight as Linda Chung” and described the experience in detail. They wrote, “After boarding the plane, I was lying on my seat when she walked past me. I couldn’t help but notice her resemblance to Linda Chung. While waiting for our luggage, she was on the phone, and her voice was unmistakably Linda Chung’s. When she picked up her heavy suitcase, it accidentally bumped into my trolley, and she apologised. She was so low-key.” The blogger’s account aimed to highlight Chung’s courteous and well-mannered behaviour. However, the blogger did not disclose the specific airport where the encounter took place, but it is speculated to be Vancouver International Airport.

    In the video clip, Linda Chung is seen dressed casually, wearing tight black pants that accentuate her slender and fit figure. She was alone, pushing a luggage cart and waiting by the baggage carousel without any assistants by her side. Many netizens commented on her natural beauty in the candid video, noting that even without heavy makeup, she still stood out with her stunning looks and tall stature. Some netizens mentioned their personal encounters with Chung, with one claiming to have been her neighbour in Hong Kong. Another netizen asked, “I heard she has a bad temper and ignores people. Is that true?” In response, someone chimed in, saying, “It’s normal for celebrities not to take photos. They are just ordinary people.” The discussion also brought back previous rumours of Chung being a “double-faced” individual, but some netizens pointed out that she had already addressed those rumours in the past.