Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng opens up about her past affair with action star Jackie Chan

    Jackie Chan and Elaine Ng

    26th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng recently opened up in a livestream about her past affair with action star Jackie Chan. When asked if she had any regrets, she responded with a resounding no, saying that every difficulty in life is a learning process. She also talked about her relationship with her daughter Etta, who was born out of wedlock as a result of the affair.

    Ng emphasised the importance of facing challenges in life, saying that they provide opportunities to learn something new. Despite the difficulties she faced during the affair, she was grateful that she was younger at the time, as it allowed her to have the strength and time to adjust to the situation. She also noted that as one gets older, they may not have the energy to deal with such challenges.

    In the livestream, the former Miss Asia shared her personal philosophy on regret: “In life, you should never regret anything because life is a learning process.” She added that every challenge one encounters helps them to understand more about themselves and the world around them.

    Ng also spoke about her relationship with her daughter Etta, acknowledging that she had been too harsh in raising her. She revealed that she had often nagged her daughter to not do certain things, but realized that this had the opposite effect intended on their relationship.

    “From this, I learned that I have to be more gentle in the future,” she said. Despite their strained relationship, Ng expressed her continued support for her daughter and said that “the door at home is always open” for her.

    Ng and her daughter have had a difficult relationship over the years. In 2018, Etta accused her parents of being homophobic for not acknowledging her marriage to a Canadian woman. Last July, Ng publicly expressed her dislike towards Etta’s wife and criticized her for depending on her daughter for money.

    Earlier this year, Etta announced that she refused to reunite with her mother for the Lunar New Year and would rather “be homeless and eat stale bread”. Despite the public feuds, Ng remains hopeful for a better relationship with her daughter in the future.