Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh’s natural encounter sparks debate on celebrity etiquette


    29th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Charmaine Sheh, the 48-year-old Hong Kong actress known for her role in the popular TV drama “Newswoman,” recently encountered a fan on the street, and a video of the encounter was shared on social media. The fan, who filmed the encounter, greeted Charmaine by saying, “Hello Charmaine, Charmaine hello.” In the video, Charmaine can be seen walking with her mother, sporting a natural look without makeup. She was dressed in casual grey attire, wearing a cap and holding a beverage in her hand. Upon hearing the greeting, Charmaine slowly lifted her head, revealing a warm and friendly smile to the blogger. Her mother also waved and smiled, exuding a kind and approachable demeanour. Despite appearing without makeup, the 48-year-old Charmaine looked stunning. In fact, she appeared even younger and more radiant in real life than on screen. The blogger praised her natural beauty, saying, “She looks so natural, slim, and fair.”

    However, the video sparked heated discussions among netizens. Some criticised Charmaine for appearing distant, stating that she seemed unenthusiastic and uninterested in being approached. Comments such as “She doesn’t seem welcoming,” “It feels like she doesn’t want to be bothered,” “She doesn’t want to be photographed, especially when she’s with her mother,” and “These celebrities are often pretending to be easygoing and polite” emerged. On the other hand, a large number of netizens came to Charmaine’s defence, stating that she had responded with a smile and had been friendly and polite. Comments like “She did respond with a smile,” and “She’s actually very nice” flooded the comment section.