Hong Kong actress Cecelia Cheung spotted on a plane, brand store announces closure


    14th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actress Cecelia Cheung, who recently returned to work after a break, has been actively engaged in various projects. She was recently spotted boarding a plane, and fans immediately captured photos of her. In the pictures, Cheung can be seen wearing a blue top, with her hair tied up in a high ponytail and sporting sunglasses. She appeared slim and elegant. Netizens praised her natural beauty, commenting, “At 43, Cecelia Cheung’s face shows no signs of aging. Her bone structure is remarkable, firm, and well-defined.” Her bare-faced appearance gained significant attention, with over 65 million views and demonstrating her influence.

    In addition to her acting career, Cecelia Cheung invested in her own fashion brand in 2018. The following year, she opened a physical store in the Soho area of Central, Hong Kong, showcasing her brand’s clothing. Cheung would often showcase her signature looks and conduct live-streamed sales. However, the official website of her brand recently announced the closure of the physical store, shifting focus to online sales only. The store had faced multiple closures and suspensions due to the impact of the pandemic. There were rumors of monthly losses in the six-figure range. Nevertheless, Cheung remained committed to being an ethical employer, ensuring regular payment of salaries to her employees.

    Cheung’s personal life has also drawn attention over the years. She married fellow Hong Kong entertainer Nicholas Tse in a private ceremony in the Philippines in September 2006. They welcomed their first son in August 2007 and their second son in May 2010. However, in August 2011, the couple announced their divorce, deciding to share joint custody of their children. In November 2018, Cheung revealed on Weibo that she had given birth to a third son, but the identity of the father remains undisclosed.

    Cheung has not only made headlines for her personal life but has also expressed her opinions on social issues. In March 2020, she voiced her support for Xinjiang cotton, countering the decision of several international companies to stop purchasing cotton from the region due to concerns over human rights violations. Her stance garnered attention and sparked discussions.

    On a Chinese variety show, Life Is Beautiful 2, in June 2021, Cheung disclosed to her friend and actress Sheren Tang that she would choose not to make a new relationship public. She also revealed that she had relocated to Shanghai for several months and intended to stay there long-term due to better work opportunities and access to superior education for her children.