Hong Kong actress Angie Chiu targeted by death hoax, studio responds with legal threats

    Angie Chiu

    25th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actress Angie Chiu, known for her illustrious career in both Hong Kong and mainland China, was recently declared deceased on social media platforms. The false reports, which sent shockwaves across her fan base, were promptly countered by her studio with threats of legal action against those spreading the misinformation.

    At the age of 69, Chiu, who remains a celebrated figure in Chinese entertainment, was erroneously memorialised online with posts claiming, “Angie Chiu has passed away, the world loses its Bai Suzhen forever, rest in peace.” This reference to her iconic role as Bai Suzhen (White Snake) in the television series further stirred emotions among her audience.

    The hoax surfaced on Weibo, a prominent social media platform in China, and rapidly gained traction before Chiu’s management intervened. In a stark declaration on 24th April, her studio denounced the rumours as baseless and malicious. The statement highlighted the irresponsible behaviour of certain platforms seeking to boost traffic through sensationalism.

    “Recently, some unscrupulous platforms have spread the false news of Ms. Chiu’s death to attract views,” the studio’s statement read. “We have already instructed our legal team to preserve evidence and are prepared to take legal action to protect Ms. Chiu’s rightful interests.”

    The studio also issued a plea to media outlets and social media users who had relayed the fake news to promptly retract their statements. Furthermore, they called on the public to avoid believing or disseminating unverified information, advocating for a healthier, more truthful online environment.