Hong Kong actor Wong Cho-lam and wife Leanne Li spread joy as prosperity gods with adorable daughters

    Wong Cho-lam

    12th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor Wong Cho-lam, known for his versatility and comedic talent, has long been expanding his career in mainland China. He often brings his wife, Leanne Li, to participate in variety shows, and now even Li herself has undergone a complete transformation, becoming incredibly funny and hilarious.

    Recently, Wong Cho-lam and Leanne Li, along with their two daughters, Gabby and Hayley, dressed up as prosperity gods and shared New Year’s greetings with their fans on social media. In the photos, Wong Cho-lam and Leanne Li are seen being sweet and affectionate, embracing each other warmly. They also distributed “gold” and lucky money to their followers, with the most amusing moment being when Wong Cho-lam and Leanne Li used a washbasin to catch the “gold ingots.” Their actions and expressions were incredibly comical. Moreover, their two adorable daughters were full of joy and playfulness, bouncing around and adding to the overall charm of the event.