Hong Kong actor Wayne Lai returns home for Lunar New Year

    Wayne Lai and his family members spent time at the Peninsula.

    19th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Actor Wayne Lai, who is turning 60 this year, has been expanding his career in mainland China and exploring the realm of food as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL). He frequently shares his experiences with local netizens, introducing them to the delights of casual dining in Zhongshan and even braving outdoor street food stalls on scorching hot days, demonstrating his down-to-earth nature.

    Lai is known for his love of food, often seen enjoying culinary delights with his wife in various social media posts. Recently, upon his return to Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year celebrations, he wasted no time in indulging in festive feasts with family and friends. Lai immediately made plans to meet them at the prestigious Peninsula Hotel for afternoon tea and later dined at a Michelin one-star restaurant, savouring abalone and bird’s nest dishes in true luxury. Clearly, he relished these extravagant meals, as seen in the joy on his face while posing for photos with his wife and loved ones.

    Wayne Lai posed with his elder brother, sister-in-law and younger brother at The Peninsula.