Hong Kong actor Terence Yin to marry Chinese actress Xu Dongdong after 15 year

    Terrence Yin (right) and Xu Dongdong (left)

    23rd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Actor Terence Yin, 49, and Chinese actress Xu Dongdong, who have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for 15 years, are set to tie the knot. The couple announced their engagement in February, with Xu Dongdong proudly flaunting her dazzling engagement ring. Last month, a magazine revealed that the pair had submitted a notice of intended marriage in Hong Kong and are planning to hold their wedding banquet at the end of this month. Recently, Xu Dongdong and Terence Yin revealed in a video that they are actively trying to conceive, and Yin went on to express his love and devotion, proving himself to be a doting and responsible husband-to-be.

    During their time in Hong Kong, Xu Dongdong was seen taking Terence Yin on shopping trips, where she paid for their meals, clothes, and books, displaying her assertive nature. Yin, on the other hand, showed his thoughtfulness by shielding Xu Dongdong with an umbrella in the rain while he himself got wet. He also served her hot water every morning, made sure she ate first during meals, and assisted her with carrying luggage. His genuine care and affection earned him the title of a devoted and attentive husband. It’s no wonder that Xu Dongdong readily accepted his marriage proposal, and she even took to social media to express her deep appreciation for Terence Yin’s unwavering support and thoughtfulness.

    Xu Dongdong confirmed that they are actively preparing for pregnancy and taking steps to ensure their bodies are ready for the next chapter. While she clarified that she is not currently pregnant, it seems that the couple is eagerly looking forward to expanding their family. In 2019, Terence Yin and Xu Dongdong had announced their separation, with rumours circulating that Yin had even gifted Xu Dongdong a luxurious villa worth RMB 5 million RMB (approximately HK$5.7 million at the time) in an attempt to win her back. However, their reconciliation didn’t happen until last year. Since then, Yin has been showering Xu Dongdong with love and support, and as their wedding approaches, he publicly defended her when intimate photos from a past magazine shoot surfaced. Yin shared a post stating, “I am very lucky,” showing his unwavering support for his fiancée, Xu Dongdong.