Hong Kong actor Stephen Au exposes male celebrities’ inappropriate behaviour with domestic helper

    Stephen Au

    22nd June 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a recent video, 61-year-old veteran Hong Kong actor Stephen Au, who has had a long-standing presence in TVB and ATV, and now operates as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), has divulged unsettling information about two male stars and one elder figure, whom he refers to as “perverts” in the industry. Of particular concern is the revelation concerning the elder figure, who allegedly informed colleagues that his foreign domestic helper was available for sexual encounters. Furthermore, this individual extended invitations to another senior male celebrity to join in the illicit activities, setting the condition that only two requirements needed to be met. As Stephen Au dropped hints about the identity of the “deviant,” netizens became engrossed in speculation.

    Among the individuals named by Stephen Au, the first “perverted” male star dubbed the “Magic Pervert” exploited his position as a magician to take advantage of others and profit from it. Many netizens speculate that this individual is an artist surnamed Choi, who has since vanished from the entertainment scene. The second male celebrity, known as the “Mainland Pervert,” has caused an entire production crew to cease work due to his involvement in a scandalous affair. Netizens estimate this individual to be a male artist surnamed Chen, renowned for his role as a playboy. While the “perverted” actions of these two celebrities have been somewhat known to the public, Stephen Au’s revelation about the “deviant” has shocked many, as the incident was previously unheard of.

    The classic incident mentioned by Stephen Au involves the “deviant,” who allegedly disclosed to a male co-star that his domestic helper was available for sexual encounters. Not only did he indulge in this illicit behaviour himself, but he also proposed that other male stars participate. However, there were conditions: the activities had to take place in his own residence, and he insisted on being present as a spectator. Stephen Au criticized the “deviant” vehemently, revealing two clues about his identity. One clue is that the “deviant” was caught peeping at a group of female actresses while they were rehearsing a dance scene, claiming he was merely trying to teach them how to dance. Additionally, other female actresses complained about his frequent “body searches.” Another clue is that the “deviant” belongs to the senior generation, a time when smartphones did not exist, and he was known to possess cassette tapes of women moaning and groaning in the privacy of his car. Despite the intense speculation, Stephen Au remains tight-lipped about the true identity of the “deviant,” fueling further curiosity among netizens.