Hong Kong actor Robert Siu Leung rumored to have passed away in Canada

    Robert Siu

    29th May 2024 – (Vancouver) Hong Kong actor Robert Siu Leung, known as the “King of Beautiful Voice,” is being remembered by Hong Kong people for his iconic line on TVB’s Jade Channel. However, recent online rumours have circulated about his passing at his home in Canada. Siu Leung used to update his YouTube channel, “Robert Siu Leung’s World of Performing Arts,” every month, but it has been inactive for several months now. A YouTube user left a comment on his latest video, stating, “It is with great sadness to inform everyone that Mr. Lo passed away in his apartment a few weeks ago. He was a wonderful person, and we will all miss him. May he rest in peace. This information was relayed to me by the police.” The comment was dated around mid-March.

    However, the news of Siu Leung’s death has yet to be confirmed. Siu Leung has two brothers, film critic Lo Yuen and the late TV actor David Lo Tai-Wai. When approached by other media for comment, David Lo’s wife mentioned that she hasn’t been in contact with Siu Leung for a long time and is unaware of his passing.